Its so fun to go back and start from the beginning and see everything you’ve accomplished and how you have changed.

In the beginning crochet was just a hobby for me. I had made a couple hats when my mom showed me a puppy hat she had made using this pattern she found on repeatcrafterme. I thought it was adorable, and while I really had nothing to do with one once I made it but I HAD TO make one myself. One turned in to many, which is how my Etsy shop started.

At that point I was making what I call theme or character hats and outfits. They were all based on animals (puppies, lady bugs, etc.) or movie/tv characters (oscar the grouch, mickey mouse, etc.). While I still think these are adorable my taste has changed a bit and I am now more interested in a timeless, vintage look. I prefer rompers and overalls to the themed outfits, but now offer both.

This past year I taught myself how to knit. My poor mother attempted to teach me when I was a teenager but I did not have the concentration or the patience to learn. This time I went to good old YouTube to figure it all out. I purchased several patterns from Sau at MonkeyMooMoo33 and could not recommend her patterns more. They are so detailed and have helpful links – I give her partial credit for teaching me how to knit!

For the past three years I have been making mermaid after mermaid which has really supported my crafting addiction and the patterns that I have purchased while learning crochet/ Tunisian crochet/ and knitting. I love seeing the photos my customers take with my outfits. Recently I partnered with a talented photographer out of Virginia named Sarah Nolan and received this beautiful photo. I can’t wait to work with her more! (Be sure to check out her website for more beautiful photos!)

mermaid sarah nolan


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