Its so fun to go back and start from the beginning and see everything you’ve accomplished and how you have changed.

In the beginning crochet was just a hobby for me. I had made a couple hats when my mom showed me a puppy hat she had made using this pattern she found on repeatcrafterme. I thought it was adorable, and while I really had nothing to do with one once I made it but I HAD TO make one myself. One turned in to many, which is how my Etsy shop started.

At that point I was making what I call theme or character hats and outfits. They were all based on animals (puppies, lady bugs, etc.) or movie/tv characters (oscar the grouch, mickey mouse, etc.). While I still think these are adorable my taste has changed a bit and I am now more interested in a timeless, vintage look. I prefer rompers and overalls to the themed outfits, but now offer both.

This past year I taught myself how to knit. My poor mother attempted to teach me when I was a teenager but I did not have the concentration or the patience to learn. This time I went to good old YouTube to figure it all out. I purchased several patterns from Sau at MonkeyMooMoo33 and could not recommend her patterns more. They are so detailed and have helpful links РI give her partial credit for teaching me how to knit!

For the past three years I have been making mermaid after mermaid which has really supported my crafting addiction and the patterns that I have purchased while learning crochet/ Tunisian crochet/ and knitting. I love seeing the photos my customers take with my outfits. Recently I partnered with a talented photographer out of Virginia named Sarah Nolan and received this beautiful photo. I can’t wait to work with her more! (Be sure to check out her website for more beautiful photos!)

mermaid sarah nolan