Season of Change

It has been just over four years since I opened my Etsy shop. In that time there have been many changes. When my shop first opened everything was crochet, it was all made from someone else’s pattern, and everything was theme based (i.e. animals, cartoon characters). Since then I have learned to create my own outfits without using a pattern, I have taught myself to knit, and I have sold 250+ items on Etsy alone.

I have decided at this point to start writing out my patterns and selling them along with my outfits! To reflect this change I have also changed my shop name to better portrait what I am offering. Welcome to Tiny Props and Patterns – I hope you find something you like.

Along with props and for sale patterns I want to share content on my blog here. To celebrate new photos I received with my Mickey Mouse inspired outfit I will share not only the photos with you but also the patterns.


The hat in this photo is from Sarah over at repeatcrafterme found here. Sarah’s blog was what got me into newborn crochet. I had just crocheted my very first hat for my boyfriend when my mom shared Sarah’s blog with me. I fell in love with her puppy hat and couldn’t stop making all of her patterns after that. IMG_2364.JPG

The diaper cover and baby booties can also be found on her page as well. I hope you enjoy these patterns. Subscribe to my blog (and Sarah’s as well) for more!