Wrapping up the Year

With how busy I was for Halloween I am shocked at how slow things have been for Christmas in my Etsy shop. Are people more interested in non-seasonal newborn items? Is the market over saturated with similar items? Is my style not what people are looking for? My shop was taken over by red outfits and wintery accesories, yet I am still selling more Mermaid Outfits than anything else (not complaining)!

To my own fault I was not prepared for the post-Thanksgiving shopping and did not offer any special sales. However, I now know what I can to do improve during the upcoming year.

These two outfits are new to the shop this year:

Santa Claus


Mrs. Claus

Mrs Claus

I have made a conscious attempt to create one boy outfit for every girl outfit I make. I tend to make baby girl outfits MUCH more than baby boy outfits (they’re just so cute!). Now, I am trying to make twin sets so I will definitely have more boy outfits as well as appeal to mothers expecting multiples.

I have so many ideas for this upcoming year and have identified some areas for growth. I would love to hear back from my readers about their thoughts or own experiences with online businesses.