Two is always better than one

Does anyone else SQUEAL with excitement after finishing a project? (I hope so, otherwise a lot of people will probably think I’m weird!)

While working on some Valentine’s inspired items I made this simple shelled bonnet in a few different shades of pinks and reds. I found the pattern here: I altered it a little to add ties by chaining 40 and slip stitching back over the chain before attaching each tie to the hat.

When I finished the red one I immediately thought of Little Red Riding Hood.


So, naturally, I HAD TO make a Big Bad Wolf to match! How cute would a pair of twins look in these hats?!


I created my own pattern for this wolf hat and decided to share my pattern! I do ask that you do not attempt to claim this pattern as your own. You are more than welcome to sell your finished product, however I do ask that you give me credit and include a link to my blog. (This will help me be able to share more free patterns!) Thank you!

Oh, and I bought both of these yarns in a clearance-pound!! 😄

Note: I do tend to crochet tightly.  For newborn sized wolf hat: Your finished product should be about 6″ by 5.5″ when laid flat.


N 9.00mm hook,  fun fir type yarn in grey, size six yarn in grey, J 6.00mm hook, size 5 white yarn

Round one: Using one strand of each yarn and N hook create a magic circle and sc 6 inside of circle. Pull tight. Join with a sl st into first sc. (6)

Round two: Ch 1. Sc two in each st around. Join with a sl st into first sc. (12)

Round three: Ch 1. **Sc 2, sc in next**, repeat around. Join with a sl st into first sc. (18)

Round four: Ch 1. **Sc 2, sc in next 2**, repeat around. Join with a sl st into first sc. (24)

Round five – 12: Ch 1. Sc in each st around. (24)

Tie off and weave in ends.

For outer ears: Again with double strands of grey yarn and N hook.

Ch 5

Row one: Sc across (4)

Row two: Sc dec, sc dec (2)

Row three: Sc across (2)

Row four: Sc dec (1). Tie off leaving long tail for sewing.

For inner ear: Using white yarn and J hook

Sc 5

Row one: Sc across (4)

Row two: Sc dec, sc across (3)

Row three: Sc dec, sc across (2)

Row four: Sc dec. Tie off leaving long tail for sewing.

Using tail from inner ear, attach inner ear to grey outer ear.

Using tail from outer ear attach ear to hat around rounds 3-5. Tie off and weave in ends.



I <3 this clearance-pound project!

As I mentioned before it is nearly impossible to tell what brand of yarn you are purchasing in the clearance pound bags, but similar style yarns sell for $5-10 per skein. Judging by what JoAnn’s sells I would venture to say that this is Lion Brand Hometown USA which is $4.99 for 5 oz. Now, that’s a savings of about 50% which isn’t huge, but if you’re considering the savings on a larger scale it can make a big difference in your profit – which is why I bought two bags! DSC_0086

I used a bit of it to make this sweet heart prop. I like it because it it gender neutral and so simple. I have seen some cute photos taken with this prop and wooden lettering that spells out “LOVE”. The possibilities are endless! I think I’ll make it in a light pink also. It’s perfect for February babies!


Again I purchased this pattern from Crochet My Love (are you noticing a theme here?!). You can purchase her patterns in bulk for more savings. She has ben so helpful and responsive to my questions.

You can this pattern here:

Am I the only one who didn’t know??

Did y’all know that Joann’s has clearance yarn that is sold in a one-pound bag for only $7.99 – not matter what is inside the bag?!?

I have recently discovered this and lets just say I may have gone overboard in the past couple months, stockpiling this stuff! I have been unloading my car and running straight to my craft room to hide the evidence, but I have recently been found out and forbidden to go back to Joann’s until I use the majority of what I have already purchased. This is probably for the best (as I have to admit it is excessive). I am looking forward to putting it all to good use though and will share with you as I do.

One of the first bags that I purchased was a beige/brown fun fur. This is what is left AFTER my project. I can’t remember if there were 6 or 8 balls inside when I bought it.

I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but for $7.99 a pound, when it is normally $4.99 for 1.75 oz (think $37 savings), I knew it was a steal so I swiped it up! I sat on it for a while and then saw this picture…

Photo Credit to Cortney Rowley Photography. This image is not my own. I do not take credit for any aspect of its contents, etc.
Photo Credit to Cortney Rowley Photography. This image is not my own. I do not take credit for any aspect of its contents, etc.

It hit me instantly that this would make the perfect prop to be used as “straw”. Now, there’s nothing elaborate about this project. I worked with a large hook and double strands, single crocheting back and forth until I had a finished product about 24″x 24″.


I just love the texture, it really gives the impression of real straw while still being incredibly soft for your newborn photos. Not bad for under $8.00 – the only problem is replicating it would likely cost full price. I did recently find another bag that is a shade darker… 🙂 The crafting continues!

A new vintage endeavor

Lately I have been experimenting with different newborn outfits and have been drawn towards a more vintage look. I am in love with this romper that I found at La Tienda de Paloma ( and have made it in a few different colors and types of yarn.

I had some troubles with the pattern as I seem to crochet VERY tight. The pattern calls for an H hook with a size 4 yarn, however I had to use an I hook and crochet VERY loosely to obtain the correct gauge. I think I am going to create my own pattern based off of this one so I can go back to the H hook and tension I am used to and still get the size right. What I do appreciate about the pattern is that Paloma has included not only the gauge but also the finished dimensions (which I think are a bit more helpful).


This is soft green from Caron Simply Soft is probably my favorite, I just love the soft, vintage look it gives. It pairs perfectly with the matte pearl buttons I added for closure.


The headband I created to match is simple sashay yarn crocheted in a round until I reached the desired size.