Officially obsessed… and still procrastinating on blogging.

When I first started crocheting I fully expected to be consumed by it for about a week and then grow tired of it. To my surprise, it has been about two months and I am still going strong. I am pleased to say that I finished MOST of the projects previously mentioned. However I did, of course, start and finish other projects in the mean time. I really need to work on focusing on one thing and doing it start to finish before moving on to something else. (I have about 10 or so projects right now that are unfinished). 

I made an Elmo hat for my nephew’s friend who is having a birthday in June. I used a basic double crochet hat pattern and added eyes and a nose to complete the look. The eyes were pretty simple – I made spheres and sewed on black buttons for the pupils. For the nose I basically used the same pattern, except I added a few rows of single crochet to make it more oval. Here’s what I ended up with:


The Batman hat was also for my nephew. He and his dad have Batman pajamas, and now he has a hat to match. 


I finished the Sock Monkey hat and diaper cover but unfortunately didn’t get very good pictures before selling it to a coworker who wanted it for a baby shower gift. The hat had ear flaps and braids, similar to the puppy hat previously posted. Right now I am working on a purple version for another coworker who is looking for a new outfit for her daughter’s teddy bear. Here’s what the original looked like (hopefully I will get better photos with the next one):


The lady bug outfit is complete… unless I decide to add some antennae, which I haven’t made up my mind about. Pretty simple project – I used my basic patterns for a hat and diaper cover and then added some spots.


I am seriously excited about the Minion hat. Why? It has turned into an outfit… and has a matching amigurumi to go with it. I originally made the minion hat thinking that’s all it was going to be. I have never seen the movie so I wasn’t super familiar with the characters. I still haven’t seen the movie, but I was doing to Google searching and took a closer look at the images available. That’s when I noticed that they wear overalls. I squealed at the thought of making overalls to go with my hat. So, I took my diaper cover pattern and added some straps to it to complete the look. Unfortunately, this project is still in the works. I still have some buttons to sew on for the overalls and the amigurumi to make to go along with it. (I have spent hours online scouring the web for patterns and am sooooo excited about some of the things that I’ve found). Here’s the hat:



Oscar the Grouch is done. I like this hat a lot because it is extremely soft! For the green I used one strand of acrylic yarn and one strand of angel hair. I did the same for the eyebrows to give them a furry effect. I have seen pictures online of babies sporting similar hats, usually from inside of a dumpster. I can’t wait to get photos back from some of my sales.


The baby chick was probably the most simple thing I’ve made. A coworker of mine is getting in to photography, so she purchased a few outfits from me. She really liked this hat because it is gender neutral. I made a plain yellow diaper cover to match.


The aviator outfit is still in the works. I have made a brown hat and diaper cover, and a white scarf, but there is still work to be done. I need to pick up some sort of leather to make goggles out of; so for now there are no photos. 

I think I’ve accounted for all of the projects I vowed to complete. As I mentioned before, there are many new ones that have since been started… so more to come! 🙂


13 thoughts on “Officially obsessed… and still procrastinating on blogging.

  1. Do you have a pattern for the batman logo???? i am having a really hard time doing a bat.. and your is by far the best i have seen!!!

      1. I agree that your batman emblem is excellent! I will check back here to see the pattern once you get a chance to write it out.

  2. I’m gonna piggy back on the batman logo question. Yours is the best I’ve seen crocheted so far. If you make a pattern and put it on your Etsy shop, I’d be willing to buy it to use on crocheted batman hats I make for sale. Thanks!!!

  3. Hi! I really like your batman hat! Your crocheted bat is 1 of the best ones I’ve seen. Any chance you would share the pattern for the bat logo, including the yellow background? I want to make a hat for my nephew. Thanks!

  4. Hey there! Great work! I was wondering if you ever wrote up a pattern for the batman logo? Im pretty new to crochet and a friend wants a hat for his new baby. Thank you!

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