New to Etsy

My boyfriend has been asking my to crochet him a beanie for the past year or so. I kept putting it off, not being able to find the right pattern or yarn… I finally gave in about a month ago and made him a simple beanie from some leftover acrylic yarn and a pattern I found online. It was a simple design, but he was happy enough to finally have a hat. A couple weeks later (in the middle of our cross country move) he found some really soft yarn that I had and asked me to make another hat for him out of that. Since then I have gone crazy (I think I may actually be insane) over crocheting and have been scouring the web for different patterns to try. I am officially obsessed and my boyfriend is overwhelmed by the stack of newborn baby hats that are accumulating in our house. My solution? Sell them. New to the area I would love to get out into the community and find a weekend market or something to sell them at, but for now I’ve listed the items on Etsy.

I would like to use this blog as a place to communicate with others in the craft and blogging world. I plan on periodically posting my new creations and am hoping to be inspired by and learn from other crafters. If you would like to custom order one of my items, just message me what you’re looking for and I will be in touch with you about pricing, shipping, etc. Or head to my Etsy account at Feel free to leave a comment about your favorite pattern or stitch, or give me feedback about my posts.

Thanks for stopping by!


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